You Can Change Whenever You Want

Yesterday I was listening to a TedX Talk by Lara Boyd, a Neuroscientist and Physical Therapist at the University of British Columbia, titled as “After watching this your brain will not be the same |Lara Boyd|”. In this Ted Talk she talks about NEUROPLASTICITY and also she made me aware of the fact that our brain can be changed at any age, time or stage of life.


While studying in schools just like you, we were taught that our brain’s performances keep on depleting as we grow older. But Lara tells that the brain has the capacity to be healed, redirected and modified. This concept of ‘modifying the brain’ took my attention and I thought that if we can rewire our brain for how WE want it to be, then how amazing it will BE. We all know that the actions that we do are a outcome of how our brain functions. And now we came to know that we can change the ‘actions’ we take to modify our brain’s wiring.


Although this whole process of rewiring can take a fair bit of time and efforts but then I thought our brain took years to get program this way, so how can I expected to get changed overnight? And also, we know that what takes a fair bit of time to come – stays for a fair bit of time.


After all said and done, I believe that we can do whatever we want and can get whatever we want to achieve by altering our brains functioning. It can make us unstoppable in life, as long as we are willing to put some efforts. What are your thoughts on changing your brains wiring?

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