Why do I Waste so Much Time? [All You Need to Know]

I always feel that I waste so much time. I feel overwhelmed, stressed and rubbish all the time. I feel like I am not accomplishing any of my goals or the things I wanted to do most in my life. There is a continuous feeling of being STUCK. I am in a position where I no longer know what to do with my life. And if you can relate to whatever I feel then you should definitely go ahead with this article.


I Waste so Much Time: 6 Tips

This problem is getting huge day by day as we are getting bombarded with lots of data and we don’t exactly know what to focus on and for how much time. And we eventually end up wasting so much of our precious time that we could have used for ourselves or for something better. So to break the chain of endlessly and mindlessly scrolling here are my 6 favourite tips for you.


Don’t try to do everything

Ever noticed that when we want to do so many things we just keep switching between the tasks and end up doing nothing at all. We get so caught up in the feeling of doing everything and that too all at once! But what we forget at that time is every task needs their own space and dedicated time, then only they start shedding some considerable amount of results.


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Cut down time-wasters

Currently, in this world of technology, we are continuously being bombarded with lots of information and that too all at once. We are being continually being triggered with lots of stimulating stuff that we see in different types of devices present around us. And the serious part is that it takes so much of our attention that we are unable to take account of our time and be mindful of ourselves.


We grab our mobile phones and soon do we realise that it’s been an hour since we picked it for something that we aren’t even doing in it. And then we wonder how do I waste so much time? Sounds relatable? You are not only the one feeling this way. Actually, these devices have been designed in such a way that it quickly grabs our attention and everybody is getting by them the same way.

Know your triggers

Ever noticed some smells remind you of someplace, person or memory? Or an object reminds you of someone, sometime or again a memory? This is because our mind associates the signals we receive through our sense organs with how we felt at that moment. These signals that we get through our sense organs are usually referred to as ‘triggers’.


Some times some smell, song, object might boost our mood and some might ruin our mood according to the respective experiences attached to them. And this might work vice versa. So you can avoid these triggers by keeping them at a distance from your sight or reach. For example, You can put your mobile out of your sight and on silent mode to keep focusing on the task you are doing at that time.

Modify your cues/ surroundings

Our behaviour can be divided into three categories: CUE- the part of behaviour where we receive the signal through our sense organs. For example- Getting a notification on your mobile screen.

RESPONSE/ROUTINE- this is the part where we react in response to the cue that we got. Mostly it is an automated response that’s why it can also be called ‘routine’ because routines also get automated due to their repetition. For example- Picking up your mobile, unlocking it to see what is the notification.

REWARD- this is the part where we get a satisfactory feeling of doing the task. For example- in this case, it might be getting a message from a friend or getting a notification of your crush’s newly uploaded photo. We can modify our cues to make our ‘response’ and ‘rewards’ in alignment with the task we wish to do. Also, don’t forget to have a delightful reward afterwards.


Plan ahead your moves

Knowing ‘what’ to do next, why we need to do it and ‘when’ makes it easier to visualise what it will feel like to actually do it. And also knowing what’s coming up next and what is the need of the hour beforehand is what helps us know what we got to do without keeping everything in our mind consciously. This is where planning comes into play. Planning helps me analyse where do I waste so much time?


Set goals but not too high

Setting too high goals makes us procrastinate as our mind starts taking it as a danger sign because it wants to save us from doing the unachievable task and being sad after that. So if you want to achieve something keep it at an achievable level. Understand that there is a difference between our aspirations and our skills and we need to find a balance between both.


Break your goals into achievable tasks

Setting too high goals makes us think that they are unachievable. But what can help us here is to break those higher gaols onto small and achievable goals. If you want to read a book, start with reading two pages in a day. A whole book might be a big goal but reading two pages a day doesn’t seem that big goal and is achievable too.


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Use a reward system

As mentioned earlier our behaviour is made up of three parts i.e. ‘cue + response + reward’. In the end, it’s all about having a satisfactory reward. When trying to achieve something we forget to keep a reward for ourselves or usually we neglect the quality of the reward. So keep a reward for each of your small wins and make sure to have your favourite reward.


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So next time you hear someone say ‘I waste so much time ‘ share this article with them to let them know these wonderful tips. I hope these tips will be helpful for you and for your loved ones as well. Lunadiary signing off to see you next week till then take care folks.

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