Self Love Techniques: Learn How To Love Yourself

What is Self Love & Self Love Techniques? This is what everyone should know. Because one who knows how to love themselves well knows to love others the same way.

Do you feel a need to be loved all the time? Do you keep craving for more and more? I was someone who used to feel this way and now I know that it was all due to the lack of Self Love. Allow me to share some of the Self Love Techniques that helped me find my way to this journey.

You may be short on self love.

If these are the questions you resonate with, then chances are that you are short on “self-love”.

What is Self Love?

Probably an act of love towards self. Right? We often feel that how can we love our own selves? It is an act that can be done by others. Just like we love others and they love us. Sounds familiar? But loving ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to show love to someone in front of us.

It can also mean, to take care of:-

  • what we need,
  • what we crave,
  • what we like,
  • what we cherish etc.
Take care of what makes you happy.

Self Love can be different for different people

Some people express their love towards self by dedicating some quiet personal time. However, some might do it by saying ‘no’ to what they don’t like. Some might have a bubble bath to do so and some find journaling a way.

Bubble bath- a way of self love.

Some people like to see the bigger picture and some find beauty in Simple pleasures. Please do check our previous blog on 25 Best Simple Pleasures. It doesn’t need to be the same as that of others and neither it needs to be different from that of what someone else is doing. In the end, it’s all about what feels right to you. Whatever feels good, go for it!

Is loving yourself selfish?

We often feel that making time for ourselves is being selfish, but is it really so?

This might be the case when you confuse ‘loving yourself’ with ‘being egoistic’. And there is a difference between both. Being egoistic is more concerned with feeling superior  however loving yourself is more towards not letting yourself feel inferior.

You don’t deserve to feel low to make people feel good. You deserve the same amount of love and respect that you give others. And this should start with getting love and respect from your own self.

Some Self Love Quotes for you

  1. “Never underestimate your potential.”
  2. “Taking time for yourself is not selfish.”
  3. “Own your identity! How you see yourself makes a huge difference.”
  4. “Being a first copy is better than being a Xerox.”
  5. “Be true to your own self. What doesn’t feel right isn’t right at all!”
  6. “Have your back, like you would have taken for others.”
  7. “Believe that you have the power to have it all even if it doesn’t feel that way.”
  8. “Don’t pressurize yourself to be a perfect piece because perfection ceases the opportunity to improve.”
  9. “You deserve all the love present in the universe.”
  10. “Prioritize your concerns over others. It’s your right.”

Self Love techniques

However, there is no specific need of following any specific steps to love yourself. Because at last, it’s all about what suits you and what works for you. So whatever is mentioned here, is just a brief idea of how you can get started. Rest it’s up to you, take it your way. After all, it’s all about ‘Self Love.

Self Love is a personal choice.


First of all know that you are valid. Your needs are valid. Your desires are valid. Whatever you embrace is valid. Whatever you like is valid. And moreover your feelings are valid.

Validate yourself.

Never knock yourself down by thinking that whatever is concerned to you is not valid. Don’t ever think this way. Validate everything that is concerned with you. This opens the gateway of ‘Self Love’.


You got to accept yourself completely. May it be your beautiful aspects or your flaws, your achievements or your failures, your strengths or your weaknesses. You got to accept everything about you. Because that everything completes you!

Accept yourself.

You are not just your one aspect, you are everything.


You have to make continuous efforts in this process. Because you can’t expect it to be the best at first. Also, Self Love isn’t a one-time event, it is a lifelong process.

Make continuous efforts towards self.

You have to make continuous decisions in favor of yourself.  After all it is about filling your cup first before you start pouring from it.


Forgiving ourselves is a very crucial step when it comes to loving ourselves. Because we usually tend to hold a feeling of guilt in ourselves of not being up to our expectations or expectations of others.

Forgive Yourself for everything.

Forgiving opens new ways to accept ourselves as we are.

Let go of what you can’t control

Holding grudges or guilt can be so harmful to our own selves. It creates a virtual barrier between our growth and us.

Let go of everything that is holding you back.

So freeing ourselves from whatever happened is the key to allow ourselves to move on into the future. Let go of whatever is holding you into the past.

Be mindful

Being mindful helps a lot in a journey that requires continuous efforts. Being aware of what you are doing and why you are doing is a big win in this process.

Be mindful of your journey of self love.

Journal what you seek

Know your purpose of growth, cherish your progress, and hold motivation for upcoming events in this journey.

Journal to make it clear.

You can journal about the journey or track your progress or use writing as a tool to be more aware of the process.

Tip:- mention dates while journaling, it will help you compare and analyze your thoughts later in time.

Some of my personal favorite journaling prompts for self love are:-

  1. How do I feel about myself right now?
  2. How do I want to feel about myself in the future?
  3. How will I describe myself to a third person?
  4. What is it that I like to do more of?
  5. What is that I like more about myself?
  6. What am I proud of about myself?

Bonus Tip

If you’ll love yourself enough then the chances of you getting a loving and caring partner increase by 40%. So if you wish to get one then start working on loving yourself harder.

Now I would like to stop writing and take some time to love myself as I’ll be starting first. Will you join me in this journey of Self Love? Also share these Self Love Techniques with your near and dear ones to help them start their journey. I’ll be here next week with a new resonating topic. Till then Love Yourself.

Love and hugs from Lunadiary.

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