How To Glow Up In 2021 [Expert Advice]

Everybody out here is searching how to glow up overnight techniques/ hacks online but this isn’t the way this works. Glow up isn’t just a destination, it is a process. A lifelong process. Here we will be discussing more on how you can get started with your own glow up.

What exactly is a Glow Up?

Glow up is to improve yourself through any of the means and be a better version of yourself. Glow up is more of a process rather than some overnight miracle. It might involve improving yourself physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, spiritually, socially etc.

Glow up is a process.

Glow Up is a process where you develop your inner-self, bring awareness to your being and meanwhile take care of your outer self as well.

Why do you need a Glow Up?

It is quite attractive to watch a person be a better version of themselves and if that person is you ‘yourself’ then imagine how wonderful it will be. Glowing up of a person helps in achieving various aspects and some of them are given down below.

Glowing up is a different level of satisfaction.
  • To feel your ‘better self’.
  • To understand yourself better.
  • To be more confident with who you are.
  • To give more and be more in every field.
  • To establish a better social image.
  • To have a great impact on yourself and others.

Types of Glow Up

Depending upon the area of your life that you are currently working on, glow up can be of several types and we are going to discuss some of them down below.

1- Inner Glow Up

Inner glow up is where you get to work upon the internal factors of yourself. It can be of any type based on the aspect of the area you are currently working upon. Surely the area we work upon starts showing modifications in itself, may it be short term or long term. On the basis of areas the work has been done, some of the types of inner glow up are mentioned down below.

  • Spiritual Glow Up
  • Emotional Glow Up
  • Mental Glow Up

2- Outer Glow Up

Outer glow up is where you get to work upon the external factors of yourself. Just like the inner glow up types, Outer glow up can be of any type based on the aspect of the area we are currently working upon. So some of the types of outer glow can be as written down below.

  • Physical Glow Up
  • Social Glow Up

How to Glow Up in 2021?

Glow up is a quite personalised process and it all depends on the needs, desires and aspirations of the person. It all depends on how well you treat the area of your life that you want a glow upon. Here are some of the popular methods of how to glow up if you are seeking some inspiration.

Right mindset

Knowing that you deserve to be a better version of yourself. And that you are willing to do what it takes to improve your identity as a whole is necessary. We always keep searching for how to glow up without actually preparing our mind for the changes that will come along. So this is very crucial to get your mind in the mindset of improving and let the changes sink within yourself.

Right mindset plays a major role.

Action taking

After having the right mindset, the right type of action is necessary as well. Because no idea in itself will get the result if not followed by the action.

Your actions will get you there.


Surrounding yourself with right minded people is very impactful for this journey. As a human being, we tend to reflect our surroundings in our behaviour. So it is important to pay attention to what we see, touch, feel, eat with and be with. As it greatly affects how we behave ahead in life.

A group of like minded people is the best.

Will power

Sometimes we won’t have enough motivation to do what needs to be done but still, we have got to do it. This is where our will power comes into play. For increasing will power we need to finish what we started, this is the mantra for strong will power. Seeing ourselves finish what we started in the first place lets the ‘will’ get STRONGER in the next attempt.

Will power keeps us going.


Repetition of a task makes it stick in our behaviour. So make sure you repeat what you are looking to stick around. Some examples of how to use repetition for our well being are Daily affirmations and Self-care systems. Prayers are the best examples of the ways through which our ancestors taught us to practise our daily affirmations. As we know, what gets repeated tends to stick longer.

Daily affirmations.

How to Glow Up from inside?

Indulge in activities that fuel your potential of attaining your higher self. Some of the well-known activities/ methods are mentioned below.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet (include wholesome food items)
  • Do fasting (it boosts concentration power)
  • Pay gratitude more often (it helps you ground)
  • Practise being content (learn to cherish the simplest pleasures of life)
  • Meditate more often (soothes your mind, boosts emotional intelligence, provides mental clarity)
  • Have a balanced lifestyle (it helps in long term benefits of the process)
  • Practise dopamine fasting (boosts will power 10 times)
  • Practise no fap (improves concentration, boosts energy levels and will power)
  • Do something for mental clarity (journaling, doodling, meditation)
A calm inner self projects immense glow outwards.

How to Glow Up from outside?

Understanding the needs of your body, paying attention to them and then giving it the necessary love is all that is responsible for outer glow up. It is important to know how to love yourself. Some of the sweet examples of helping yourself glow up externally are mentioned down below.

  • Pamper your skin.
  • Pamper your cuticles.
  • Have the makeover you love but beware.
  • Update your dressing sense.
  • A fit body grabs attention.
  • Spend time in nature. Nature is the ultimate source of the glow, make sure you stay in touch.
  • Learn and improve your soft skills to be better at being social.
  • Be humble and generous, it wins the game.
The pampered body emits confidence and glow.

Bonus tip – ‘Smiles are underrated’

Nothing can match the glow that comes along with that little curve on your lips. Yes, yes that one. Yes you are right I am talking about your smile, have it when you need an instant glow.

These are the best methods for someone keen to know ‘how to glow up ?’ Hope this article will help you in becoming a better version of yourself and attain the glow up you are searching for. Do let us know your personal favourite hack to glow up in the comments section down below.

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