How Can You Get Your Shit Together? [PROVEN]

Have you ever heard someone telling you to get your shit together? Although you might have been trying hard to get your life together it always seems to be falling apart and not falling into place. So what do we do next? Let’s first get to know what exactly does it mean to get your shit together.


What do you mean by getting your shit together?

We all feel like there is such a mess in our lives and nothing is falling into the right place. In day to day language, we use the word ‘shit’ for the mess around us. So when someones ask you to get your shit together then most probably they are asking you for sorting out the mess in your life and getting organised with what is happening in your life. In short, they want you to get ‘stable’ with everything happening around you.

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Depending upon the factors involved in the process the instability can be of various types like – financial, social, physical, mental, spiritual, professional, intrapersonal etc. And it is absolutely normal to have your life disturbed because life is filled with uncertainties and to expect life to be certain in uncertainties is quite ironical. However, one can fix this from time to time by giving some efforts and putting in some time to let it do the work.

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How do you get your shit together?

There are many ways through which you can attain the stability you want to have in your life. But make sure to first dive into the mindset of getting your shit together. Because if you yourself aren’t prepared for it then you’ll see no change even after going through all the ways to deal with it. We are going to discuss some of them down below.


Identify the cause/chaos

It may seem quite annoying when you are already in the middle of so much mess and someone is asking you to figure out the cause. But trust me digging deep into the root cause takes lesser energy and efforts than it takes to keep dragging that shit along with you. And identifying the cause makes the problem addressable. Identify what is it that is causing you trouble and then move on to the next step.


Take responsibility/charge

Sometimes things are really bad but what good does it do to complain about the bad toast that you had. Take charge of whatever happens to you. If something ruins your mood go change it and if you don’t then remember it’s YOUR choice to stay with it. Take responsibility for everything that happens to you. You can change whatever you don’t like, remember that.


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Visualise your end goal

Visualize yourself as a person whose life already sorted out. This will help you with what a sorted version of you would do. Then go ahead and do that stuff. Visualisation helps us in making a clear picture of what exactly we want to achieve. When we know where we want to go ahead, it makes it easy to move forward in that direction.


Start somewhere

Everybody tries to do things perfectly and this is what keeps you from even getting started. So in order to get things sorted you gotta start somewhere. Don’t try to be perfect. Try to just take action. Action is what gets you there. If you’ll avoid starting up then you’ll get nowhere. But getting started somehow will get you somewhere towards the goal.


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Don’t be scared of the mess

Being messy is actually a sign of progress. Because the mess in itself is part of the process. Everything gets to a messy position before it fully transforms into its full potential. Do you remember when we try to clean our room, at first it is difficult, then it gets messier than it was and as we keep going on with the work it starts getting organised? Similarly in life also you will have to face this mess before you actually get your shit together.


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Bonus tip- You got this!

Never underestimate what you have got. All the power that you need to achieve what you want is already WITHIN YOU. Sometimes we underestimate the power within us, one way to access that energy is to surrender yourself to the action. Take action and have faith that it will work. Eventually, you’ll find yourself doing things you never know you could have done. With the hope that you will be able to get your shit together soon after you finish this article, I would like to say goodbye to you lovelies. Just don’t forget to put in the work. Till then sending much power to you. See you soon.

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