Best 25 Simple Pleasures that lead you to a better life

The Simple Pleasure! You might have heard someone say this when they have enjoyed something without it being so fancy or overwhelming. One can easily get overwhelmed with the fast changing and busy lifestyles everyone is having. So in order to rejuvenate the energy and excitement within ourselves, we should embrace the small and simple pleasures of life.

The-vibe-of a-rainy-day-is-so- soothing
The vibe of a rainy day is so soothing.

We all have experienced the beauty of simplicity at some points of our lives. But the thing that makes this simplicity impactful is our ‘attention’. The more we pay attention to it the more impact it will have on our well being. And now without bragging more about the emphasis of these simple pleasures lets dive into the core element of these pleasures.

What are Simple Pleasures

The simplest form of pleasures is to simply ‘breathe’, sounds awkward! right? But this is the most affordable, easily accessible, non-harmful pleasures one can get at the time when everything seems to be drowning in the darkness. If you ever feel stuck or caught anywhere, just breathe and feel it, and soon you will find yourself out of it.

Sweet Pleasures of- life
Sweet Pleasures of life.

Breathing creates awareness within us, and this awareness is a great boost of energy, which further leads to sound life. Being aware gives us the opportunity to cherish the pleasures, even the nicest of things can go futile if we don’t really give ourselves enough time to cherish them. These small cherishing moments work as a fuel to our body as well as our mind.

What do we loose without the Simple Pleasures?

What do you loose without pleasure?
  • We will loose the simple, easy and cheap recharge for your mind and body.
  • We will loose the fine details of life while looking for the bigger picture all the time.
  • You might loose the opportunity to be closer to your loved ones, as the simple pleasure enjoyed together improve the quality of your bonds.

Simple Pleasures can have side effects too!

Once you learn to enjoy the simple pleasures there is no turning back for sure. So here are some potential consequences:-

  • You get addicted to enjoy the tiny details of life.
  • You get used to easy solutions.
  • You get recharged with the simplest things.
  • You don’t require costly items/things or big events to make you happy. Simple pleasures are the cheapest of all.
  • You can feel the ease in the chaos by finding peace within the smallest details/gestures.
Side effects of simple pleasures.

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.”

Bill Watterson

Best 25 Simple Pleasures

I will be sharing my personal list of simple pleasure with you hope they’ll resonate:-

Those pure moments of simple pleasures.
  1. A long walk (with or without a company).
  2. Planning out on your favorite task (be it a speech, wedding day, birthday party, homecoming party etc.)
  3. A good talk with someone.
  4. An unexpected movie.
  5. A road trip.
  6. A random dance performance, when you don’t need to remember your dance steps just enjoy.
  7. Having your favorite ice-cream.
  8. Finding your signature perfume.
  9. Listening to your favorite music.
  10. Visiting to your grand parents.
  11. Having a pet plant.
  12. A random picnic.
  13. Petting your pet and watch them enjoying it.
  14. A good walk at your favorite spot.
  15. Using a bubble blower.
  16. Popping bubble wrap.
  17. Having a sound sleep.
  18. A nice bowl of breakfast.
  19. Watching through a beautiful scenery and a peaceful place.
  20. A hug. (the most underrated one)
  21. Smiling at someone random and getting one in return.
  22. Wearing fresh peace of clothes.
  23. A candle light dinner.
  24. Watching new buds bloom.
  25. Having bad good laugh. (also underrated one)
  26. Enjoy a starry night.

Well, Yes I know that I mentioned previously that there are 25 ideas however there are 26 here, but isn’t this a pleasure in itself ? Just to have one more idea at hand! yeah!

Significance of the simple pleasures

You never know when your ‘charged self ‘ gets out of the energy stock, that is when you can do a little thing which makes you happy, in order to stack up that energy stock once again, it can be as simple as watching a bird fly, watching bare blue sky, touching a flower, observing that veins of a leaf, feeling the wind passing by, walking barefoot, skipping a stair to have a little funny jump etc. these little steps lead you to the road of peace , calmness and happiness within yourselves.

the-simple-pleasures- charge-us
The simple pleasures charge us.

The most beautiful thing about these simple pleasures is that you don’t necessarily need someone to do it with you (also, it is not necessary for you to be alone for enjoying these pleasures), or don’t need to put some extra efforts to it, it is just that they are always somewhere nearby us, all we need to do is to slow down our pace and just observe them.

Once you slow down your pace, you’ll realize that you are able to feel more that you usually did, however the things, people, places, everything  around you is the same, but you’ll start seeing it with a different way, and after a while  you’ll realize that you can feel it in your bones.

Bonus Tip

As it is said that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so it is not necessary that what seems a pleasure to you might be a pleasure for your loved ones too and vice versa. So it’s your call to find something within their pleasure that might suit you.

A hack to enjoy even more.

e.g. My friend loves to  own plants and I am not that into plants. But what I enjoy is shopping, so I go to nursery or do online shopping of plants for him as a gift. And this is how I tend to find my pleasure in his Simple Pleasure.

Here I would like to stop writing this article with simply enjoying the pleasure of ending what I started. I’ll be here next week with a new interesting topic. Till then why not you tell your favorite Simple Pleasure in the comment section below.

Love and hugs from Lunadiary.

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